GHP 001: What is Goalie Hacks, and Who is Mike santaguida?

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Goalie Hacks podcast. In today’s episode, your host, me, Mike Santaguida, touches on a variety of topics regarding the branding of Goalie Hacks, as well as my own story and journey to pro hockey and beyond.

Goalie Hacks is a project dedicated to finding the best tips, hacks, and strategies that the goaltending realm has to offer. There are coaches and players alike, far and wide, that utilize new and effective techniques either mentally or physically to help give them an edge on the ice; to help them harness success. I intend on uncovering all the best kept secrets of the goaltending world to help everyone else move their career forward, absolutely free of charge.

My name is Mike Santaguida and I’m an active professional ice hockey goalie. I have played at the highest levels my entire career, including stints in AAA, New England Prep, the USHL, BCHL, NCAA D1, ECHL, SPHL, & the FHL. I’ve won several championships, and won several personal awards over my years playing. Playing and coaching goalie for 20+ years now, my ultimate goal for this entire project is to ultimately give back to everyone, and to give back to the game of hockey. I am forever grateful for the life I’ve been able to live despite people not believing I could ever make it to pro hockey. And I just want to help give everyone the same resources I was fortunate to have over my career that helped me excel and work my way to becoming an elite goaltender.

The mission of Goalie Hacks is simple, and we just want to broadcast the right messages that are actually going to help you get results. This project is about inclusion: of people of all ages, of all genders, and of all circumstances. There’s so much fluff these days in the coaching side of goaltending, and we want to push all that fluff out. We don’t see any coaches or players or companies as our competitors, and we openly invite friendly discussion around all topics.

If you enjoy the show, or if I’ve helped you in any way either by answering your questions personally or through my free content I provide; please head to apple podcasts and leave a rating and review, that’s all I ask in return for everything I do, it would mean the word to me!

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