What Is Crease Management?

What is crease management? How to be consistent? One of the most important parts of positioning when it comes to goal-tending is depth control. A way we can manage our depth and maximize our coverage in the most efficient way is through building a system. Something that we can depend on, and know the results we’re going to get time after time. By creating systems it helps us mold our identity and play to it. It helps us create a framework, and take a more systematic and statistical approach to goal-tending. It creates triggers that engage our system, that tell us how we should manage our depth based on the magnitude of the threat. When it comes to building your system everyone is different. You need to try things in practice, fail, and figure out what does and doesn’t work for you. However I do believe building a system, creating triggers and automating some parts of the game can help dramatically with consistency. By creating a system it compartmentalizes and makes positioning adjustments effortless in games. By figuring out how to use every inch of the crease based on your identity, that’s how you become a pro. By building a system that you can rely on in the biggest games of your life. Start building your system today!