Lateral tracking

1. Lateral tracking:
Always good to work on your timing when moving laterally so you’re not too fast or too slow. 
Work on letting him get slightly ahead of your center so you’re able to move into the shot short side easily.. or come back against the grain if need be. Important to note the hand of the shooter. Center to the puck, not the body. As he gets closer you set your crouch lower to get ready for the release, and lock in on the center of the puck. 

A. Have a puck pile in the center of the ice above the circles, goalie starts center at the top of crease, players alternate skating toward each face off dot in ark. Shoot anywhere in between. 

B. Pucks are more to one side above the circle, one side at a time, goalie starts center at the top of the crease, shooter tracks to the far dot in an ark. Shoots anywhere in between.

Advanced: Once your tracking feels comfortable, add an initial push either from the posts or face off dots to the shooter before tracking laterally.

Pro Tip: As this gets easier, bring the shooters closer to make it harder to react to the shot.