Lateral Tracking Exchanges

This drill works on reacting to exchanges, lateral tracking and reacting while tracking with a shot/pass option back though the middle of the ice in different scoring areas. I have a good variety of simple drills I use, but I often like to add in several options in a drill. It makes the mind work and focus on every detail, and constantly forces you to react and re-adjust. Some people are against complex drills, but you need to eventually incorporate much more difficult drills to challenge yourself. I’m a big fan of putting yourself in tough situations in practice to prepare yourself for the unpredictable nature of the game. You’re going to constantly be put in tough situations during games, so it’s imperative you get comfortable with being uncomfortable in practice and embrace it. 

A. 2 forwards stand in line with the dots opposite sides, between the top of the circle and the blue line. You can start the drill all on one side first. The forwards skate toward each other, have the option to keep it or exchange. Whoever possesses the puck on the exchange skates out toward the dot, and shoots or passes to the trailer by the dot. Trailer has option to pull up in 4 different areas at random.

B. Same drill alternation sides the puck starts from. 

Advanced: Whichever shooter possesses the puck can roll all the way down to the goal line and behind the net. Trailer shoots from the same 4 release areas. Shooter can shoot/pass anytime. 

Pro Tip: Bring the shooters in closer to make it harder on yourself. This works on reaction time, and reading the play and adjusting quicker.