Lateral Tracking: Advanced

These are a few other, very difficult variations I incorporate into my lateral tracking work. 

This drill incorporates diagonal lateral tracking, meaning the depth changes much more in this variation as we laterally track which makes the play much more difficult.

We want to incorporate the idea of Lateral Give Way, however as you get closer to the net we want to use it less and get much more center to the puck, typically when you get below or to the has marks.

This sequence is to be done 1 at a time, and then eventually when you master each depth add total variability into the sequences.

1. The shooter drives each dotted area and cuts across. They can shoot anywhere in between the initial cut across, and the end of the dotted line for each route. Make sure to work different areas of release along each line.

2. Alternate sides, or do all on 1 side, all on the other for the same route. Equal reps. Then once you feel good about depth 1, move to depth 2, then depth 3 etc.

Pro Addition: Shooter can pick depth 1/2/3 at random, total variability.

Advanced: Have the shooter pick up speed above the blue line before they start, and come in very fast on each route.