In Tight Scramble Drill

This helps work on seeing pucks in tight around your body, on ice recoveries, attacking the puck with your hands, and building a little bit of “battle” in you when you’re out of position. Make sure to attack the puck with your hands constantly to work on accuracy and anticipation. Work on recovering with your full body as much as possible without having to totally dive around the crease. It’s a quick and difficult drill, but the point is to eventually feel very comfortable recovering on your knees around your crease and driving with the hands constantly.  

A. 1v1 game at the top of the crease. 5 pucks lined up around the crease. Player has 20 seconds to score all 5. Have someone else count to 20 sec/can estimate if it’s just 2 players. If there’s a second shooter, keep the pucks from going way outside around the net to keep the action up. Repeat 3-5 times with different players if possible, depending on where your conditioning is at. 

This drill is straight forward but extremely effective in developing good hands, good recoveries and good eye tracking around your body.