How To Slow The Game Down

The secret sauce to slow the game down. How do you truly slow the game down? We want to put ourselves in tough situations when we train to make sure we’re prepared for anything we face on the ice. If you’re just physically faster, and in way better shape than your opponents, the odds of them scoring on you dramatically decrease. So we need to find that level, that 5/6, and turn it up to 10 when we train even though our brains are screaming at us to stop. I promise you it will get easier. You WILL get better. When we work though the things that make us the most uncomfortable, those are usually the times we grow the most. Don’t shy away from it. I think we all know as goal-tenders the biggest moments to shine are typically the moments where the odds are stacked against you the hardest.

By building both mental and physical callus in your body, by preparing for the worst situations you’re likely going to face in a game – that’s what truly makes everything else seem so routine and easy once you start pushing your peak higher and higher, week by week, day by day. And when those moments of opportunity come, you’ll be ready to do the unexpected and absolutely shine, steal the game, and change the outcome of both you and your team’s future. This is how you take control of your career. These are the moments that make your career. These are the moments where you grow as a goalie. And these are the moments that you build your legacy around. One play at a time, one shot at a time. Stop pointing fingers because things aren’t fair. Prepare for the worst, know it will eventually come, and know when it does you’ll be prepared to make those saves and steal games for you team. Go out there and start building your legacy, prepare for it, and do the unexpected. That’s how you get noticed in the realm of hockey. That’s how you stand out. That’s how you become a professional. Make saves you’re not supposed to, period.