How To Overcome The Fear of Failing

Why are most people scared to fail? They’re scared because the fear of being embarrassed is what’s truly holding them back. As a goal-tender you need to experiment. You need remain resilient and be rational. You need to be patient and attentive to detail when working a new technique. Repetition through deliberate practice is the key.

When it comes to recruiting and finding new teams to play for, you need to be willing to put yourself out there. You need to do the research, make calls, send emails and ask around for connections. You need to go to camps, tryouts, combines and try to catch someones attention. This part of goal-tending is a total numbers game. If I contact 5-7 coaches from 4-6 different junior leagues across North America, odds are i’m going to find a few teams that are seriously interested. But plenty will say no or not answer at all. 

But if you’re to afraid to go chase opportunity because you possibly could fail, it could be the worst decision you ever make for your career. 

Don’t be naive. 
Be fearless in putting yourself out there with both practicing new techniques and the recruiting process. 
Get over that fear of being embarrassed, and trust the process.