How Do You Carve Your Own Path?

There’s no magic bullet, and I can’t do it for you. Hockey is a battle, it’s a war. It doesn’t matter what era or what level you play in. No matter what I say or what your coaches tell you, you still need to go out there and fight and win your war. Day after day. You need to win everyday in practice. And by getting used to that feeling of winning, and finding ways to win, it leads into games. Into battle where we on the spot do whatever it takes to beat the opponent , stop more pucks that the other guy, and lead your team to victory. Winning could be a choice, most people just don’t see it that way. The outcome of contests are not predetermined and that’s the beauty of the sport. Anything is possible. Yet we typically find things or people or circumstances to blame when we don’t think we got what we deserved – what we think is fair. Despite your circumstances, finding ways to overcome our own battles and doing what is necessary to win is how we all carve our own path in the history books of hockey. Those challenges are the things that will be sitting on your resume one day that you can say you overcame. 

An accolade, a championship, a big playoff. I had to overcome my own battles year after year, week after week to get to where I am today. As did every other guy who got this far. Goal-tending is very unforgiving, and it takes courage and guts to willingly do whatever it takes to win a hockey game. 

We all eventually need to overcome our own challenges that hold us back from being champions, and within that lies the secret to carving your way in the history books. What’s holding you back?