How Do You Build Your Legacy?

How do you build your legacy? One shot, one period, one game, one year at a time. I think in an era of social media it’s given a lot of people anxiety on what they can accomplish in this day and age, and i’m here to tell you the sky is the limit. We all start with a blank slate, remember that. Before I was 16 my resume was completely blank. No one knew me, no one knew who I was. I had to build my reputation, my legacy, from scratch just like everyone else does in this world. One save, one game at a time. Just like Jordan Binnington did before he won the cup.

No matter how much innate talent you were born with, or how much your genetics socially fit into the sport, the beauty of sports is the fact that anything is possible. Remember, the Blues were last place at the Christmas break. The results of contests are not pre determined. They are won and lost on the backs of individuals and teams of heroic efforts and companionship. There’s no secret formula. The way you do that is you play in the moment every time you step on the ice, and worry about the task in front of you. It’s easy to get distracted with end results, but the fact is that anything is possible if you just focus and break down your career into one shot, one game at a time. 

If you focus on the now, the end results will take care of themselves. Don’t be distracted in this noisy world we live in. Dial it in, and focus on how you can make that next save. It’s simpler than you think, you just need to be patient, enjoy the process, and enjoy the journey.