Halfwall Walk Out Shot/Pass

This drill is to work on reacting to shot/back door pass plays as the shooter challenges the face off dot off the half wall.

I like to be right on my post when the puck is on the perimeter, and as the shooter approaches the dot I like to flow out slightly so my toes are at the top of the crease, and then quickly set the feet and create some small momentum back right before he releases to react to a shot or pass.
This allows you to have some momentum backwards to respect the pass option, while also holding your ice as the shooter gets closer. You don’t want to back in too quick and give up too much net just in case he shoots. And you don’t want to come out too far that you can’t get across if he passes. 

A. F1 starts on the half wall at the hash marks. F1 comes in and shoots or passes by the face off dot, F2 is back door slightly above the crease, ready for tap ins.

B. Do all on one side, then switch to the other side.

Advanced: Play out the rebound.