Great Goalies Lead From…

We all know you don’t need a letter to be a leader. Leadership comes in many forms on the ice, and at the end of the day respect as a leader is earned. And it’s earned by those willing to go above and beyond for their peers. To unconditionally support them in times of peril, or times of mishaps. To be there to make those big saves to maintain a lead, or keep a game within reach, or simply just to bail your guy out despite some bad turnovers. Great goalies understand when opportunity comes their way. They know it comes in many forms, and understand how to seize the moment. Those big saves that are required at the right time at the right place when your teammates falter. Those big saves that change the outcome of the contest despite the odds being stacked against you. 

They know that hockey is a game of trading punches. If you can weather the bad times, you have a shot to win any game despite being out shot or out chanced. 

From my experience, goal-tending in hockey can be one of the most inspiring positions in all of sports. Great goalies despite the odds do what’s necessary to win,despite how their team is playing, and get their teammates to rally behind a magical goal-tending effort. It’s one of the few odds being stacked against them. There’s truly no other feeling better as a goalie than when you’re up a goal or sticking around games your team has no business being in. It’s one of the most powerful team moral boosters in arguably all of hockey. Those are the challenges that face us over and over. Champions answer the bell when opportunity comes knocking. 

Whether it’s 15/20 shots a game or 40/50 shots a game, we need to answer the bell as goal-tenders. That’s where real leadership as a goalie lies.