GHP 52: Developing Elite Compete Level w/ Ottawa Senator’s Goalie Coach Pierre Groulx

GHP 52: Developing Elite Compete Level w/ Ottawa Senator’s Goalie Coach Pierre Groulx

This week on the Goalie Hacks Podcast I have the privilege of being joined by the goalie coach for the NHL’s Ottawa Senators, long time NHL coaching veteran, Pierre Groulx.

We dive into his 20+ year coaching in the NHL, his personal coaching philosophy, and how he structures his approach to goaltending. We break down several elite goaltenders he’s had the chance to work with, and what exactly separates the elite from the great in the NHL. We dive deep into the idea of compete, and he goes on to explain why you can’t make the NHL without compete level. We discuss how kids can start incorporating that into their game more, and how exactly you can start developing it on your own time. This episode was filled with amazing snippets, so make sure to stick around to the end of the episode to get everything Coach Groulx has to offer.

Show Highlights

  • Insight into video review for Goaltenders, important components of a typical session and film.
  • Advice to goalies on what they should be actively doing while watching the video review for Goaltenders.
  • Putting together a plan of action to make corrections and moving forward based on the learnings.
  • Dive into coaching philosophy, major areas of focus with Goaltenders and the reason for believing in these concepts.
  • Importance of these concepts to be successful and the way Goalies can work on these concepts.
  • Typical areas of struggles for Goalies trying to make the jump to AA Pro Hockey.
  • Common underlying themes of rookies in AA Pro Level who eventually end up in NHL and find success.
  • A skill, kids at home should start working on, that will help them transition smoothly to Pro Hockey when they get there.
  • Break down of some of the great Goalies in Florida Panthers and what sets them apart from everyone else.
  • Difference between Goaltenders like Carey Price and what sets them apart from the others.
  • Ways kids can work on the skills they want to develop.
  • Some of the Great Goaltenders in Ottawa Senators and the distinguishing feature they have.
  • Areas where goalies typically struggle while making the transition to NHL.
  • Common underlying themes of Goalies in NHL who have long and successful careers that have allowed them to excel so much.
  • A skill to develop or advice to young Goaltenders to help prepare them for the eventual transition.
  • Weekly routines with Goaltenders, structure of Goalie practices and the mindset while stepping on the ice.
  • Biggest hack that has been implemented with Goalies over the years, either a drill or exercise or concept that helps Goalies excel and find success.

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