GHP 057: How To Win The Day & Win In Your Career w/ +20 Yr Goalie Coaching Veteran Shane Clifford

GHP 057: How To Win The Day & Win In Your Career w/ +20 Yr Goalie Coaching Veteran Shane Clifford

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Goalie Hacks podcast, and joining today is an incredible guest who’s spent close to the last 20 years coaching and playing at the next level all over North America, and that gentleman is, Shane Clifford.

We chat about areas where kids struggle with the most while making the transition to Major Junior or tier 2 Junior levels across North America. Things Goalies and parents should be doing off season to find a good opportunity to try-out and have a chance to make squad. Most important characteristics that NHL Goaltenders possess that allows them to be more successful. Highlight a few Goaltenders that are elite and the characteristic that sets them apart. Two hacks that has helped goaltenders stay ahead of the competition, get an edge in their training on or off ice and helped them find success and the most exciting part: RAPID FIRE ROUND.

Show Highlights

  • Coaching philosophy and major areas of focus with Goaltenders and the reason for believing in these concepts.
  • Dive into the reason for importance of these concepts and the way Goalies can work on these concepts.
  • Areas of struggle while transitioning from High School to College Hockey.
  • Biggest takeaway from College Hockey career.
  • Most difficult part to get adjusted to in Hockey or in the lifestyle at Pro Level.
  • Hardest part of transitioning to NHL as compared to the minor leagues.
  • Areas where Goalies typically struggle the most while transitioning from Minor Hockey or Juniors to College Hockey.
  • Advice to Goalies aspiring to potentially play D1 college hockey.
  • Areas looked at in Goaltenders which should be worked on to make them stand out more when they play.
  • Struggles faced by young Goalies looking to make the jump to Pro Hockey.
  • Most important underlying characteristic young kids need to develop to prepare for the challenges ahead.
  • Explore the weekly routines with Goaltenders, structure of Goalie practices etc.
  • Biggest hack implemented that helps Goalies excel and find success and transition to the next level easily.

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