GHP 045: Paving Your Way To D1 Hockey w/ Kevin Patrick from Culver Academy

GHP 045: Paving Your Way To D1 Hockey w/ Kevin Patrick from Culver Academy

In this week’s episode I’m joined by my old associate head coach from the University of Vermont, 20+ year division 1 coaching veteran, and NCAA D1 2006 National Champion – Kevin Patrick.

Coach Patrick has been coaching at the next level for over 30 years now, and offers just an incredible amount of insight into what coaches at the next level are typically looking for, and how goalies can stand out more in a crowded goaltending landscape. The skills he typically looks for in goaltenders that typically allows goalies to transition much smoother to the junior and college levels. Why developing compete level is so important, and what that says to coaches about your character. And ultimately what exactly differentiates the great goaltenders that have long careers from the goalies that have a hard time breaking through to the next level.

Show Highlights

  • Benefits of going in the prep route against straight to Juniors.
  • Struggles faced by goalies making the jump from Prep Hockey to Minor Hockey.
  • Underlying themes contributing to the success of Goalies who do great things in junior and College Hockey post Prep.
  • Things kids should be doing to get the exposure to talk to coaches and take the prep route and get involved in the recruitment process.
  • Struggles typically faced by goalies when trying to transition to Tier 1 Junior in the US.
  • Difficulties of goalies while making the shift to D1 Hockey as freshmen.
  • Skills goalies should be working on to impress coaches at Division 1 College Hockey.
  • Winning the National Championship in 2006 and what it took to get there.
  • Advice to goalies looking to compete and win a D1 national championship.
  • Method of evaluation adopted by coaches to gauge if a goalie is ready to move to College Hockey.
  • Expectation in terms of game and minutes and ability to compete from the Coaching Staff.
  • First impression of Mike as a freshman after the first 5 games.
  • Importance of recognizing and taking advantages of opportunities for Goalies.
  • Characteristics coaches look for in a starter at the college level.

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