GHP 023: The State Of Goalie Gear In 2020 w/ The Goalie Gear Nerd Part 7 of 8

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Welcome to the Goalie Hacks Podcast, episode number 23, part 7 of 8, featuring the king of Goalie Gear, Goalie Gear Nerd.

We chat about why exactly Lefevre and CCM went their separate ways, and the likely root cause of it. We dive deep into some of the hottest gear items of the new year including full break downs of the CCM Axis series, Bauer Ultrasonic’s, Lefevre’s, Warrior’s, Brian’s and Vaughn’s. We disassemble the “made in China” myth, and why exactly it doesn’t mean worse production quality. Why each goalie’s playing style should determine what brand they wear. And we discuss some of his favorite gear items of the year from head to toe, and the biggest gear hack available for goalies today.

Show Highlights

  • Reason for split of Lefevre from CCM and its consequences.
  • Opinion on leading Gear companies for 2021 and 2022.
  • Favorite Gear Companies with reasons.
  • Key Differences that separates Lefevre from the rest of the pack.
  • The differences between each set of Lefevre and its purpose.
  • Delved deeper into the rising demand for Bauer’s sets over the last couple of years.
  • Hard or Soft rebounds – The better one.
  • Discussion on new Axis CCM series and its unique quality.
  • Price rise & production of CCM and Bauer pads in China and its effect on quality.
  • Will China manufactured gear become the new standard for the all the companies? 
  • Discussion on Goalie’s personal preference and playing style above brands.
  • Favorite Sticks, Chest protector, Helmet, Skates, Pads, Gloves and the reason behind it.
  • Which company would be the top contender for each Gear Piece?
  • Discussion on change in equipment shape and material.
  • Biggest Gear Hack to help with Performance.

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