GHP 022: Why Having Fun Can Change Your Career w/ Olivier Gervais from Paramount Hockey Part 5 of 5

Today's guest

Olivier Gervais

In today’s episode I’m joined by Olivier Gervais from one of the biggest goaltending schools in Canada – Paramount Hockey

We dive into the main pillars of his coaching philosophy, and what that hardest part about transitioning to major junior hockey is. How learning to have fun can change the outcome of your career, and bring out the best version of you. What exactly makes Marc-Andre Fleury so good, and why he excels so much with his compete level. The pro and cons of a neutral versus wide stance, how to frame the net properly, and Gervais’ time working with Jean-Sebastien Giguere’s son. His new brand Living Sisu, what it means, and why everyone needs to embrace this mental toughness mentality.

Show Highlights

  • We dive into his coaching philosophy, and the 3 most important characteristics he puts emphasis on with his goaltenders
  • What helps goaltender’s transition well to major junior hockey
  • The hardest part amateur goaltenders have transitioning to junior
  • His time playing and his experiences in pro hockey
  • The biggest differences between junior and pro hockey
  • What would he go back and tell himself if he could before he went pro
  • The process behind his ice sessions, and why it’s important to move on sometimes
  • We talk about Marc Andre Fleury, and what separates him from the best
  • What he thinks makes Flower so good either mentally or physically?
  • Where he thinks the biggest shift in goaltending has come in recent years, and where he thinks we’re going 
  • His take on a wider vs narrow stance
  • How Canadian Goaltending has changed over the years
  • Where Olivier’s focus has shifted over the years and why
  • The most important drill or concept he’s implemented with his goaltenders recently
  • What Living Sisu means, and the mission of Olivier Gervais’ & Zach Fucale’s new lifestyle and fitness brand

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