GHP 021: The Minor Pro Hockey Grind w/ Brett Schaffer from the Back-To-Back SPHL Champs Hunstville Havoc Part 2

Today's guest

Brett Schaffer

In today’s episode I’m joined by Brett Schaffer from the Back-To-Back SPHL Champs Huntsville Havoc

We chat about what minor pro hockey in North America is like, and what coaches are looking for in the recruiting process. We discuss his team’s Championship run, the key to consistency, and what it takes to develop a championship mentality. And we dive deep into why kids should play multiple sports, why it’s imperative to avoid the perfectionist complex, and the significance of being able to turn the page quickly.

Show Highlights

  • We talk about his core approach to goaltending and what he focuses on with his goalies
  • How young goaltenders can improve their game
  • How important preparation and consistency are in pro hockey
  • How goalies can become more consistent and work on their mental preparation
  • We talk about practice vs game mentality
  • How to find balance and consistency in your week-to-week routines
  • What are coaches at the pro level looking for in the recruiting process
  • The amount of turnover in pro hockey
  • What the competitive landscape of the goalie position looks
  • How the coaching staff decides on who stays and goes
  • What it takes to develop a championship mentality
  • What the biggest  factor is that separates regular goalies from champions?
  • We chat about his team’s championship run, and the quality of goaltending in the playoffs
  • How even winners and champions cant always win
  • Common rookie pitfalls
  • How to manage stress and anxiety for big games
  • How to manage your emotions when there is a lot on the line
  • Why you need to figure out what makes you tick

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