GHP 018: The Key To Consistency w/ All-American & Hobey Baker Finalist Matt Galajda

Today's guest

Matt Galajda

In today’s episode I’m joined by one of the most stand out goaltenders in division 1 college hockey in the last 3 years, previously an All-American and Hobey Baker finalist, and this year’s Ivy League Player of The Year, Matt Galajda. Matt dives into what exactly helped him transition so well from Prep, to Juniors , and then Division 1 hockey. How exactly he’s built so much self belief over his career, and the anchor techniques he uses in the biggest games of the season to overcome fear and anxiety. And also chats about the biggest misconception among young goaltenders looking to win those same awards, and how exactly he finds ways to win games night in and night out.

Show Highlights

  •  We chat about Matt’s private school experience at St. Andrew’s College
  • How that contributed to his overall development
  • What helped him thrive at the prep school level
  • What contributed to his success winning 2 regional championships and goalie of the year
  • The importance of having a short memory
  • How exactly to build that type of attitude and work on that process
  • The importance of nutrition and how much of an impact that has on your performance
  • How watching NHL players can put into perspective what it really takes to be the best
  • Why rookies transitioning to junior hockey shouldn’t beat themselves up too much
  • How to deal with criticism from coaches and teammates as a young guy
  • Why it’s so important to turn the page, and focus on what’s ahead rather than dwelling
  • Why it’s important to love the process, trust in it, and follow it
  • Why Matt thinks it was a good idea to take a couple years extra to develop before going to college
  • What the hardest part about transitioning from junior hockey in the BCHL to D1 hockey
  • We talk about his first college hockey game ever for Cornell University
  • What his expectations were of college hockey before he played versus after
  • The importance of seizing opportunities, and being ready to go at any time
  • How Matt deals with high pressure situations, and the championship mindset he believes in
  • The importance of not leaving anything on the table, and showing up to play big in big games
  • How Galajda builds self believe, and the anchor phrases he use to instill confidence
  • Why being detail oriented is the difference between amateur and D1 caliber goaltenders
  • Why goalies need to worry about the process, and focus on winning games
  • We break down what helped Matt be so consistent, and how he found consistency in college hockey
  • The phrase he uses to not get ahead of himself and keep himself in the moment
  • The importance of being resilient, not giving up when you get cut, and working to get better everyday
  • What Matt thinks is the biggest misconception with young goaltenders on what it takes to win those awards
  • How not getting too high and too low contributed to Matt’s consistency throughout his college career
  • Why it’s important to create an edge with your game and your identity
  • The importance of implementing and developing a system that works with your identity
  • How Matt grinds through tough days and bad nights, and the importance of finding ways to win all the time
  • How he treats games, and competing against the other goalie at the other end
  • Why it’s important to have fun no matter what the result is, and enjoy the journey

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