GHP 015: Cornell University 3-Time ECAC Division 1 Champs w/ Coach Ben Syer

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Ben Syer

In this episode I have the honor of being joined by one of college hockey’s best, and one of the best ECAC coaches ever, Associate Head Coach of Cornell University Ben Syer. Coach Syer and I dive deep into the importance of focusing on your development vs just trying to get that jacket at the next level. How prolonging your career, taking risks, and embracing the journey can work in your favor. What exactly Division 1 coaches are looking for when they’re evaluating goaltenders, and how to get exposure and build relationships. And we dive deep into some of the best goalies to ever go through Cornell, and what separated them as champions from everyone else. Full show notes available here: 

Show Highlights

  • We chat about how to get more division 1 college hockey exposure
  • The importance of embracing the journey, and enduring the grind to get to division 1 hockey
  • Why prolonging your career, and baby stepping your way to the next stage is better for your development
  • Why you shouldn’t just jump to the next level because everyone is doing it
  • What Coach Syer looks for when he’s recruiting players to get a feel for who they are
  • Why special kids get talked about differently among the the coaches and people around that player
  • Great Player’s make the people around them better
  • What the grounds for terminating communication is, why coaches stop talking to you
  • Why it’s important for goaltender’s to put their team in a position to win, night in and night out
  • The importance of being competitive and finding ways to win even on bad nights
  • Why you need to show an ability to influence a game to be considered for the next level
  • The importance of knowing yourself, and holding yourself to the highest standard when you know you should’ve stopped goals
  • Why it’s important to put time on your side to lengthen your development
  • Everybody wants to make the jump just so they can get the jacket while they should be focused on their development
  • Why you can always fast forward your career, but you can never go back
  • Why playing in a certain league doesn’t always guarantee great players that transition well
  • Teams and programs look for people that fit their culture and their needs at the time
  • Why striving have for the highest leagues shows focus and a drive to be a hockey player
  • Why going outside your comfort zone works in your favor
  • What coaches think of you when you’re willing to take chances
  • Why going that road shows you have an ability to adapt, and that you can overcome adversity
  • Why both hockey sense, hockey iq, and your spirit matter
  • The importance of competing and what that says about your character 
  • How to contact college division 1 coaches, what to do, and what to say
  • Why playing hard for all your coaches is important, how small the hockey world is, why things always come full circle
  • Discussing Cornell Universities best Matt Galajda, Mitch Gillam, Andy isles
  • The most important factor and characteristic of championship goalies
  • How important the goaltending role is in winning championships
  •  Why it’s so important to be consistent, and why you need to do that all the time and rely on your systems
  • Why we’re always working toward championship performances one day
  • Why it’s so important to make sure you’re ready to make the jump before and focus on your development

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