GHP 014: Why Size Doesn’t Matter w/ Jeff Lerg

Today's guest

Jeff Lerg

In this episode I sit down with one of the best goalies to ever play college hockey, and easily the best undersized goalie of our generation, Jeff Lerg. We discuss what exactly helped him not only survive but thrive in the USHL and NCAA Division 1 hockey to propel him to be one of the nation’s best. We break down the keys of his success over the years, and what helped him find consistency and chase a winning attitude every day he stepped on the ice. And we dive deeper into what it takes to play pro hockey, the biggest challenges that he faced and why size doesn’t matter. Full show notes available here: 

Show Highlights

  • The hardest part about transitioning from minor hockey to the USHL
  • Why juniors is a result based business, and how to approach that level
  • What it takes to play and win games at the USHL level
  • Where Jeff had to change his game the most to survive and thrive, and how exactly he did that
  • Why experience playing at the next level was key for Jeff going into Michigan State
  • What it takes to prove to people that you’re capable and ready to transition to the NCAA division 1 level
  • Why college is a different culture, and the transition period Jeff went through getting acclimated to the lifestyle
  • Why making a great first impression matters, and how to catch your coaches attention
  • We talk about all the awards he’s won, and what exactly he did to help him get there
  • The biggest underlying factor of his success
  • Why preparation leads to confidence, and how to prepare properly
  • Being named Assistant and Captain of the team, and what that meant
  • Why Jeff led by example versus being a loud mouth
  • His opinion on the best ways to be a leader and the type of culture to foster inside the dressing room
  • Overcoming setbacks form injuries, and what goalies should do when they happen
  • Why developing patience and lateral tracking are incredibly important to transition well to pro hockey
  • The drills Jeff does to get out of slumps, and how he’s overcome low points in his career
  • We discuss why size doesn’t matter, and what goaltenders should really be focusing on
  • Why it’s so important to find your own identity and play to it, and double down on it

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