GHP 013: Recruiting Season & The Bubble Theory

Today's guest

Mike Santaguida

In this episode I reveal my personal recruiting system that I’ve developed over the last 10+ years that’s helped me get an opportunity to play at the highest levels in hockey. I talk about the biggest mistakes kids make in the recruiting process when trying to get to the next level. I break down the bubble theory, how I’ve both benefited and been a victim of it, and how to utilize it to your advantage to create worth for yourself as a goaltender. And I dive deep into what a good fit looks like, and the system I use to create and identify those opportunities to significantly increase your odds of moving up to the next level.

Show Highlights

  • I paint a big picture on the competitiveness of goaltending
  • Talk about the Darwin’s law of goaltending, and what that means for goaltenders
  • The problem with young goalies, and being overly conservative
  • The importance of putting yourself out there, and gaining exposure and experience
  • How to create worth for yourself as a young goalie, and how to end up in higher leagues
  • Why you need to think of yourself as an investment
  • Politics in goaltending, what it looks like, and what to expect
  • What to focus on when you go to camp, and what coaches are looking for in the pool of goaltenders
  • My own personal experiences using the bubble theory and becoming a victim of it
  • Getting my first Junior A start in the OJHL with the Orangeville Crushers
  • Getting my opportunity to play at one of the best prep school hockey program in the country
  • Trying out in the USHL, getting cut multiple times, and landing in the BCHL as a starting goalie
  • Getting my opportunity to play at Vermont in Hockey East, and how that came together
  • Why it’s so important to get uncomfortable as goaltender, and a high performance athlete
  • What does a good fit look like, and how to find it
  • I detail my fool proof recruiting system, and how to flip the switch to put the odds in your favor
  • Why recruiting is a numbers game, and why you shouldn’t trust coaches and agents
  •  What I can offer you guys to significantly increase your odds of getting to the next level
  • How I can teach you to fish for yourself for pennies on the dollar compared to agents

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