GHP 012: Going The College Route w/ Kyle Wallack

Today's guest

Kyle Wallack

In this episode I sit down to catch up with my old Associate Head Coach from UVM, recruiting master mind Kyle Wallack. We chat about how we met, and how exactly I came across Vermont’s radar. What the main characteristics Division 1 and USHL coaches are looking for in goaltenders to transition well to the next level. How to put yourself in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. And dive deep into the best practices around recruiting, and how to do your own due diligence to get your name out there.

Show Highlights

  • How I got on Coach Wallack’s radar, and how we met
  • What UVM hockey was looking for when they were in the market for a goalie before I committed
  • The major factors that he was considering before commiting to me
  • Is size a major factor for college coaches when considering goaltenders
  • What it really takes to be considered by USHL & Division 1 NCAA programs
  • Which goalies transition to division 1 college hockey the best
  • Characteristics that help goaltenders transition well to college
  • How goalies can stand out and get recruited in a crowded world
  • What division 1 college coaches are looking for in goaltenders
  • How goalies can avoid slipping through the cracks
  • How competitive the goaltending landscape is becoming
  • The bubble theory and political game of recruiting at the division 1 and USHL levels
  • What goalies can do to give themselves more exposure to USHL teams and Division 1 NCAA colleges
  • How to contact junior and college coaches, and best practices of contacting teams and programs
  • How to put yourself in the right place at the right time with the right people
  • What stuck out to my coaches at UVM as a rookie 
  • Why Coach Wallack thinks I transitioned well to college hockey
  • What coaches look for academically in recruits
  • What the biggest differences are between D1 & D3 goalies at the NCAA level
  • The advantages of going the college hockey route

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