GHP 009: Dialing It In w/ Brian Cain

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Brian Cain

In this episode I chat with one of the leading mental performance coaches in the entire world, Brian Cain. Sought after for his electric and high energy personality, Cainer’s resume helping athlete’s achieve some of the biggest accolades and championships in sport goes on and on. We talk about the most elite athletes he’s worked with, and the challenges they needed to overcome. The 10 pillars of mental performance mastery, how to deliberately train your focus, and how to practice being in the moment. Developing purpose, a mission, and utilizing the power of time to reach your long term goals.

Episode Highlights

  • Where most mental performance coaches fail their athletes
  • His work and time with George St. Pierre
  • The biggest areas he needed improvement on, and how he worked on that
  • Actionable advice on how to become an elite athlete, and what separates the best
  • The most common barriers and issues amateur athlete’s have on the mental side of the game
  • Advice to get over mental humps that continuously plague athletes
  • Break down his 10 pillars of mental performance mastery
  • How to deliberately practice to train your focus
  • The importance of balancing each pillar
  • Some of the struggles he went through as an athlete
  • His philosophy around his saying “Dominate The Day”, and how to impliment that into your every day life
  • What the “Compound Effect” means, why it matters, and the signifcance of it
  • The keys to developing that mindset, and how to stick to it when times get tough
  • What having an unshakeable mindset means, and how to developa Kobe Bryant black mamba mentality
  • How athletes can get on track today to start developing an elite mindset

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