GHP 008: NHL Goalie Coach Eli Wilson

Today's guest

Eli Wilson

In this episode I chat with one of the biggest names in goaltending over the last decade, Eli Wilson. Today we chatted about how Canadian goaltenders stack up on the global stage. Common distractions young goaltenders face, how they can effect you, and how to overcome them. His long term relationship with Carey Price, what they’ve worked on over the years, and what exactly separates him from everyone else as one of the most elite goalies in the world. 

Episode Highlights

  • We discuss Eli’s coaching, and his unique, progressive, and repetition based approach
  • His time working with Hockey Canada’s Goaltending Consultant Group
  • His time travelling and coaching in South Korea, and the differences in culture and style of play over seas
  • We break down his time in the NHL with the Ottawa Senators
  • The key areas he focused on working with the Binghamton Senator’s goalies, preparing them for the NHL
  • The most important advice he thinks will help kids become NHL goaltender’s one day
  • What stood out to him most working with goalies at the NHL level
  • What Eli does with his goalies that are stuck in a rut, to help get them out of their slump
  • Starting his own school in 2010, and the kids that have come through his program
  • His long tenure working with Carey Price, and what separates him from everyone else
  • What kid’s should work on to replicate his success at a young age
  • Advice for young goaltender’s trying to stand out, get more exposure, and get noticed by scouts

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