GHP 007: Veteran NHL Goalie Coach Andrew Allen

Today's guest

Andrew Allen

In this episode I chat with Veteran NHL goalie coach Andrew Allen about his story leading up to Vermont, his time winning an ECHL Kelly Cup Championship, and his decade long journey coaching at the next level. We chat a bit about major junior route vs college, the grind of pro hockey and what young goalies should be focusing on trying to make their way up the rankings. We talked about how to deal with uncertainty and overcome any doubt you might have in your career. And his decade long coaching journey working with the Japanese National team, an NCAA D1 school, and then the AHL and the NHL.

Episode Highlights

  • Andrew Allen was the first goalie to ever score a game winning goal in NCAA division 1 history
  • Why he went the college hockey route, and who would be the best fit for major junior versus college
  • The grind of pro hockey, and how to deal with uncertainty and the number of transactions going on
  • Andrew’s time in the ECHL, AHL, & NHL
  • Why it’s so important to focus on yourself, and worry about what you can control
  • The 1 thing he would go back and change if he could before going pro
  • How much of an impact distractions can have on your own play
  • His experience coaching the Japanese National hockey teams
  • Trying to crack his first NHL goalie coaching job
  • What it takes to play division 1 NCAA college hockey
  • What separates d1 goaltenders from amateur athletes
  • His experience coaching guys in the AHL & NHL
  • His experience working with Michael Leighton in the AHL as an older guy
  • His time coaching Scott Darling, Antti Ranta, Carter Hutton in Rockford
  • Why the pace of play is the hardest part about transitioning to pro hockey
  • Why the quickness of the release, and getting your feet used to getting set is such an important part of transitioning to pro hockey at the NHL level
  • Andrew’s time working with the Buffalo Sabres
  • What separates NHL goalies, and how they never stop growing
  • What separates Robin Lehner, and his elite play reading ability
  • How Chad Johnson was much more of a thinker, and more technically sound
  • His time with Anders Nilson, very technical, much taller, that wanted to work on more reaction speed
  • Working with Linus Ullmark all the way through his time with the Buffalo Sabres
  • Carter Hutton then came to Buffalo, and we chat about his professionalism and great leadership
  • Know what you’re good at, and playing to your identity
  • How to get more exposure at the NHL level, and the importance of getting minutes
  • The importance of finding ways to win
  • And the beautiful game of hockey, and the life lessons and experiences you pick up along the way

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