GHP 006: The Playmaker’s Advantage w/ Dr. Leonard Zaichkowsky

Today's guest

Dr. Leonard Zaichkowsky

In today’s episode I have the honor of being joined by one of the most influential doctor’s in sports science and sports psychology in the last 50 years, Leonard Zaichkowsky. He’s considered the father of sports psychology in North America, is incredibly decorated in the medical world, and has dedicated his entire life to solving the mystery of what the real advantages elite athlete’s have.

Show Highlights

  •  We talk about what drove him to write The Playmaker’s Advantage (link below)
  • What the major differences are between amateurs and elite athletes
  • The importance of reading cues, and pre-programming routines into our brain
  • Why he believes so much in his thesis that “there’s no such thing as innate talent”
  • We dive deep into some examples including Wayne Gretzky, and his dad Walter Gretzky
  • We break down the theme and idea of deliberate practice, and how to accomplish that
  • The attention to detail that’s required to become the most elite athlete’s in the world
  • Why elite athlete’s have the ability to zone in on what’s the most important
  • And then also have the ability to shift back and forth to a broad focus
  • What attention flexibility is, and how exactly you can practice it
  • How elite athlete’s maintain an optimal level of arousal
  • The importance of learning to breathe properly to center yourself
  • Why it’s imperative to constantly stay in the moment
  • Why Dr. Zaichkowsky believes so much in technology assisting with the learning process
  • Elite HRV — Phone App to measure heart rate variability
  • We talk about when Len first introduced the Neurotracker to the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL back in 2010
  • How technology can dramatically impact your athletic abilities
  • We dive deep into Len’s work the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry
  • As well as the Pittsburgh Penguins, with Sidney Crosby and Mike Sullivan
  • The biggest difference between Steph Curry & Sidney Crosby compared to amateur athletes
  • Why they see pressure situations as opportunities
  • And we dive deep into using neuro visual training applications such as the Neurotracker and Sense Arena

I hope you guys enjoy the episode there’s a ton of amazing value there, make sure to take notes and listen back!

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