GHP 004: Maria Mountain from Goalie Training Pro

GHP 004: Maria Mountain from Goalie Training Pro

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Maria Mountain

In today’s episode I have the pleasure of being joined by Maria Mountain from Goalie Training Pro, the most influential brand and personality when it comes to elite sports exercise science related to goaltending.

In this episode we talk about how Maria got into the goaltending world, and a bit of her story. We discuss her free app called the Butterfly Challenge available in the app store, and the importance of hip mobility for goalies. How to best utilize plyometric, eccentric, and isometric training to our advantage. The most common things we neglect as goalies, and how to overcome those common pitfalls. What a proper in-season training regimen looks like, and how to properly warm-up before exercise.

I can’t thank Maria enough for coming on the show to talk about her journey, and everything she’s developed over the years. She’s an invaluable resource when it comes to goaltending, and I look forward to continuing to follow her work!

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