GHP 003: Justin Goldman w/ The Goalie Guild

GHP 003: Justin Goldman w/ The Goalie Guild

Today's guest

Justin Goldman

In today’s episode I have the pleasure of being joined by one of the most influential people and brands in goaltending, Justin Goldman from the Goalie Guild. Justin and The Goalie Guild are many things, but there’s no doubt the impact that him and his brand have had on the global community will most certainly leave an imprint on the position forever.

In this episode we talk about some of the keys to elite goaltending that he uncovered in his near decade long journey, co-authoring 3 books along the way. We talk about why humility and character are not an option anymore, and necessary to help get you to the next level and why. We discuss the competitive landscape of pro hockey, and the mental skills goaltenders need to develop from a young age to be able to thrive in that environment when the time comes. And we talk about the ongoing and dynamic challenges that goaltenders inevitably face throughout their entire careers, and how to overcome them.

On behalf of the entire goalie community I just want to thank Justin for his service, and his unwavering support of goaltenders all over the world. I hope you guys enjoy the episode there’s a ton of amazing value there, make sure to take notes and listen back!

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