GHP 002: IQ Goalie Author and Editor Brandon Thibeau

Today's guest

Brandon Thibeau

In this episode I interview Brandon Thibeau, the Author and Editor of the IQ Goalie e-Magazine. We talk about a major shift going on in the goaltending world, the benefits of being objective and trying new things, some applied goaltending science, and several items from his monthly e-digest releases. Whether you’re a coach or a player, this episode is for you.

Show Highlights

  • Why he’s getting so much NHL attention, and what NHL caliber athletes and coaches are looking for
  • 2 types of coaches there are when it comes to new ideas regarding goaltending
  •  Why it’s so important for goalies and coaches to be open to new concepts
  • Why being objective about new goaltending concepts is an advantage
  • How to try and test concepts, embracing that process, and being objective before judging
  • What the most inefficient areas of goaltending are today
  •  Why the key’s to tracking are anticipation, pattern recognition, and reading cues
  • Why hand eye drills without shooters are relatively ineffective
  •  What separates amateurs and elite goaltenders
  • The importance of variability in the drills you do and the shooters you use
  • The importance of anticipation, and why the eye can only react so fast
  •  How to overcome the issue with overthinking when you play
  • The importance of sleep, and how it can dramatically effect your performance
  • What the optimal length of a nap is before games and practice
  • The mental toll of increased exposure due to the internet
  • The small vs big goalie conversation in this era
  • The problem with social media, and how it’s distracting kids
  • Why we all have different roads, and develop at different rates
  • Why you need to eliminate distractions and focus on yourself
  • Why you should double down on your strengths

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