Lateral Tracking

I understand the concept of lateral tracking is not new to anyone. However, the key I’m about to show you regarding this concept is something I work into my post practice routines almost on a daily basis. I believe it’s incredibly undervalued, and practicing and focusing on this key idea can dramatically change your performance on lateral tracking plays.

This concept I’m coining today I like to call: Lateral Give Way.

Give way means to basically let the shooter lead a bit/get ahead of you in the direction you’re going. So as he tracks laterally across, we actually want to be (only) about an inch or two behind the center of the puck to the center of the net. That way we can accomplish a couple things:

1. Eliminate the short side more to force the shooter to an area. (We know shooters will often shoot for space, give it to them, and then take it away)
2. Baits the player to shoot to an area and direction we’re already moving toward. This makes it easier to move and shift into pucks instead of having to go back against the grain.

You want to make sure when you move across laterally our shoulders don’t bob, and out eye level stays relatively level as we move until the shot is taken. I like to start a little more upright, and as the shooter gets closer or as the shot is about to be released – we want to get lower in our crouch and get more set.

1.Shooter drives each dotter area, cuts across, and can shoot anywhere in between dot-to-dot. Make sure to work different areas of release along each line.
2. Alternate sides, or do all on 1 side, all on the other at the same depth. Equal reps. Then once you feel good about depth 1, move to depth 2, the depth 3 etc.

Pro addition: Shooter can pick depth 1/2/3 at random, total variability.

Advanced: Add a passive net front screen.