Dead Angle Net Drive Shot/Pass

This drill focuses on reacting to dead angle shots with a variable net front drive pass option.

The key here is to not square up entirely due to the net front threat, we want to be about 30/40 degrees. Work on dropping and reacting into your rvh on demand. You can even try some reps doing vh. Work on the reactive element in your save selection so you don’t just drop every time.

This is similar to the drills from the last 2 weeks. Now we have a net front reactive element which makes the progression very difficult. We need to make sure we’re looking off the puck slightly to see where the net front guy is driving so we can get center if he makes the play out front.

1. F1 starts top of circle, either shoots or passes down low to the goal line. F1 drives the net either short side post, middle lane, or back post drive.

2. F2 has option to shoot at a dead angle, or pass to the net front guy driving. F2 is stationary does not drive the net.

Note: If you’re struggling with the variability, slow the reps down. Do only dead angle shots and focus on that timing and reactive element with your rvh and vh save selection. And then work some net front passes from each lane. Then piece it all together once you have them all down.

Pro addition: Have the net front shooter change his depth at random. Can stay high, or can drive deep.

Advanced: Play out rebounds.