Dead Angle Shot/Pass

This drill focuses on reacting to dead angle shots with a back door option as guys attack the cage from the goal line.

Key here is to not square up entirely due to the backdoor threat, we want to be about 20 degrees. Work on dropping and reacting into your rvh on demand. Work on that reactive element in your save selection, don’t just drop every time.

This allows you to be relatively flat so you don’t have to turn your body when you want to execute a slide across on a pass play, but allows you to easily seal with an rvh to cover the short side as he shoots. 

Make sure to bring your body in front of the post if he shoots short side, (that’s the key to covering the short side on these plays, come in front of the post more not lined up against it). If he passes back door – attack with the hands and suffocate the puck. Bring your back leg in quick to get a stronger slide with no holes. And we typically want to use a blocking style butterfly as we finish our slide since the player is so tight.

1. Shooter starts just off the corner boards along the goal line, drives the net just above the goal line when goalie is ready.

2. Shooter has the option to shoot or pass backdoor, must make the play by the face off dot.

Note: If you’re struggling with the variability, slow the reps down. Do only dead angle shots and focus on that timing and reactive element with your rvh save selection. And then work some back door passes. Then piece together once you have both down.

Pro Addition: Have the back door shooter change his depth at random – some tight, some mid, some more towards the face off dot.

Advanced: Play out rebounds.