Reactive Wrap-Arounds

This drill focuses on wraparounds, executing good reads from using your windows over your shoulders, and executing your rvh transition smoothly onto and off the posts.

Key here is to make sure your feet are above the goal line, and have a very moderate 10/20 degree angle with your feet so you can look over your shoulder. 
This allows you to be relatively flat so you don’t have to turn your body when you want to execute a slide into your rvh on the post. When we use our windows, I’m a fan of favoring one side a little more so I can corner the guy a bit. My body and feet are slightly more short side so I can have better visibility without rotating my body too much. And then I force him to jam far side, and know I can get there if he tried it. You need to practice this timing a lot to do something like this! Tip here is to force him to his backhand side. 

When we execute our rvh, we want to relatively flat if he jams, and then square up a lot if he goes short side. The far side jam is tricky, we need to bring our back foot forward enough to cut the angle as he goes across our body, But not too much that we square up too much and can’t slide back to the far post. The key here is to square up enough that your back heels slide just above, or makes small contact with the far post. This takes work, and the adjustments are very small details. 

1. Shooter starts behind the net, can make a few fakes and then commits to going left or right.
2. Shooter has option to jam, corkscrew and go short side, or jam far side.

Note: If you’re struggling with the variability, slow the reps down. This way you can nail that exact angle and feeling where you can accomplish the right positioning toward the far side jam to get coverage the most effectively.

Advanced: Play out rebounds.