Cut Lows

The purpose of this drill is to work on forwards driving the net from a relatively bad angle. Simulates a forward coming down and either beating the de and driving, or getting cut off by a de back checking.

On plays like these, we want to have some momentum coming backwards. You get caught flat-footed on a drive like this and you’re toast if the forward cuts in or fakes and wraps around.

Assuming there’s no backside threat in this drill, we want to come out a bit and take our ice, have our heals just above the top of the crease. Have momentum coming backward while not giving up to much ice as the forward gets close. Work on hard pushes and bringing your whole body across on your slides. Drive and attack with the hands when the guy gets in tight. 

Shooter starts top of the circle outside the dot. Drives toward the bottom of the circle.

1. Shooter has option to shoot once he turns the bottom of the circle.

2. Second option is to drive the far side across the top of the crease.

3. Player holds puck and tries to wrap far side.

Note: If you notice you’re struggling with 1 particular play, focus on doing more reps toward that type of look. If the variability aspect becomes too hard, stick to 1 look, and add the variability in later.