Fake Game

This game works on your patience and helps you to work on getting a feel for fakes, and when the puck is truly being released. I’m a big believer in trying to stay on your feet as long as possible, and that holds true more than ever in this day and age. We can’t just be butterfly goalies anymore, we need to be dynamic and we need to embrace a more hybrid style of play. It doesn’t matter if we’re big or small, every goalie needs patience and needs to be careful dropping down to quick. 

Game: First to 6 points wins. Shooter stands below the hash with a pile of pucks. Based on age and skill level, adjust the distance of the shooter from the goalie. We want a distance where we’re pushing ourselves but gives a fair chance to both the goalie and the shooter. Shooter must shoot five hole, but does NOT have to be right on the ice. 
Goalie stands toes top of the crease in a regular relatively aggressive crouch. Don’t cheat and have your pads too locked or to low on the ice. We want to play it relatively the same as if someone came in on a break way and took a shot from the low slot area. 
Shooter is allowed to fake and move around the puck any way they want without touching it to try and elude the goalie. Shooter gets a point if goalie drops to the ice before shot, or gets scored on. Goalie gets a point if the shooter touches the puck accidentally or they make the save. No limit to numbers of fakes but keep it relatively reasonable.
Note: We want to be a little uncomfortable during this drill. If a certain distance becomes easy move the shooter a couple inches closer.

This is a fun one that I’ve done at my goalie school for years.