Emotional Agility

Goal-tending is certainly tough on the mind, and as goaltenders we typically have to have short memories.

Great goaltenders understand they can’t get hooked on a thought, they can’t get hooked on a feeling. As elite goaltender’s you need to try to stay as even keeled as possible and bring your emotions back down to neutral. Never to high, and never to low, be in the moment. Whether we have a good/bad practice, game, week, or year, as goaltenders we need to be able to move on and turn the page. We need to be able to guide our emotions and thoughts back toward the thing that matters most which is being ready to make the next save. Being ready to stop the next puck. 

Although one goal, one practice, one game, one year might seem like the world, whether win or loss – great goalies know that there’s always more work to be done. A single day, or a single event doesn’t determine who we are as goalies. We need to keep the macro picture in mind, and be willing to turn the page, move forward, and worry about the next task at hand. The life as a goaltender is in constant motion. One day you’re the hero, the next day you’re dog. But at our core, we need to know and trust who we are, and what makes us great. Whether experiencing success or failure, we need to stick to our identities and never get to high and never get to low. Champions know there’s always more work to be done, win or lose. Don’t get hung up on your emotions.