Around The World (on ice recoveries)

This drill is designed to work on your on-ice recovery speed, and post work all at the sane time. 

The flow of the drill simulates a play or save coming off the rush and then recovering several times into different seals around the post. 

Focus on good form first, then speed up the drill. Speedy/quick pivots, full pushes. Beat the shooter and get your body and hands on top of the puck.

Shooter starts below the hash off to one side a bit. Shooter shoots when he wants, so we can’t anticipate much and have to react to the shot.
1. First shot is on the ice to the far stick side. 

2. Player rushes in to chip puck #2 to try and beat the goalie. 

3. Player tries to chip a puck in at a bad angle.

4. Player continues, takes puck behind the net and either: jams for a wrap, pops up to the high crease and shoots, or spins and tries to go short side. 

1/2. Good rebound, then get a quick/full pivot out of your butterfly, lead with hands, bring your back leg in fast to get a full slide. 

3. Recover back inside the post to rvh seal, need a big quick pivot here.

4. Post to post using windows, then adjust our depth and squareness depending on what option he picks on the last shot. 

Note: Start slow, when technique is right speed up push the pace.