12 Coaches On Crease Management

Crease management is a highly debated topic when it comes to how goaltenders approach the game. 

I felt there wasn’t necessarily one way to view this idea, so I opened the question up to 12 influencers in the goalie community – and what an incredible reaction I got. It’s a privilege to be able to work together on something like this, and I want to thank all the contributors to this post for their input. It means a lot to me, and I think the entire community will appreciate it as well. If you haven’t checked out my post on my crease management system yet, make sure to give it a quick read for context – as this entire discussion centers around that post. I thought it would give an incredible amount of value for everyone to hear 12 different approaches to crease management, that way you guys can decide how you should approach it yourselves. Something that fits your specific identity.